HELP 4 Positive futures is seeking Grants and donations to provide research backed, mental health education and mindfulness disciplinary plans to schools and communities across the country via a LMS streaming platform. This will be accomplished along with a long-term study proving the success rate of the program.

The initial application will begin with K-12 school programs and expand into the community to educate troubled youth, combat veterans, first responders and incarcerated populations. The purpose is to help communities understand their own mental health and the options available to resolve mental disturbances. HELP is fervent in protecting our youth through anti-bullying, suicide prevention and mindfulness disciplinary action plans.

Research has proven that even basic mindfulness programs reduce truancy and behavioral issues while improving GPA & positive school wide culture. Our Elementary education alone has already showed significant improvement in attendance and academic performance in the Stockton Unified School District Pilot Test. If we could ensure students across the country would be provided with programs that have been proven to reduce stress, promote attention, positive school atmosphere and community involvement, why wouldn’t we?

Story of the knot: The knot represents a challenge that can be accomplished. Multitudes struggle with mental health issues, but with education and therapy, most can successfully live a full life. Like the loose knot, when you are able to understand the problem, it is much easier to undo.

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